Coming April 28th 2014

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When You Leave This Way tells a story of heartache unlike the glitzy fare of todayís contemporary literature. Set within a world beyond the boundaries of Hollywood-themed dystopia--that of reality--the young Brandon Wright comes of age under terms no child should ever have to endure. A hitherto unknown piece of information is kept from him, encompassing a bizarre series of events that claims four victims--one death orchestrated by Brandonís own hand. Led by convictions and fear, Brandon, his siblings, and his friends go on the run, to escape the realities of the night.

The result is a descent into decadence, spiraling downward from poverty, encounters with predators, and meeting with an enigmatic man who presents them all with what he dubbed the proverbial perfect crime. Brandonís quest for atonement becomes a personification of grave peril: The harder he tries to seek answers, the more that everything collapses. With destitute conditions and a weighty conscience, Brandon finds out that he left childhood behind, stealing it from those in his company. Life has taken its bitter turn, and When You Leave This Way, there is no retrogression: when itís lost, itís gone forever.