July 13th 2014 News:
THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE @ the Jackson County Fair! I’ll be in the 4-H building, first slot in the middle of the room. Books will be on sale @ $15 per, and autographs are of course free. I know the summer heat is unbearable, so I’m gonna help you get equipped: I’m selling these really nifty, folding hand fans (think of the fans you see in Chinese films) for a paltry 50 cents each, or I’ll give ya 1 free with a book purchase. These black fans are in limited supply, so stop by & get one while supplies last! And of course, meet me. I won’t bite. Hard.

Monday 14 12-8pm

Tuesday 15 12-4pm

Wednesday 16 12-4pm

Thursday 17 12-4pm

Friday 18 12-4pm

Saturday 19 12-8pm

April 28th 2014 News: Mark it: April 28th 2014–this book is now officially available! (The site says it’s been published back in October. Dunno why) Reserve your copy here. The book’s distribution will be spread out slowly. It will be on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles in the coming days, and it’ll be in stores shortly after. More book signings etc. are being set up. More news on that will follow.

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